Better English Writing Through Artificial Intelligence

Say goodbye to writing errors, using deep learning.

Our real-time corrections will keep you safe from grammar and spelling mistakes.

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We don't keep your texts, and all of the communication with our servers is encrypted. No human eyes look at your texts. We are committed to your confidentiality.

Browser Extension

Wordeep takes care of your writing, anywhere you go. Our real-time grammar checking browser extension proofreads your texts while you type them, in any website.

Google Docs Add-On

When you use Google Docs, you can use our dedicated Add-On to correct your documents with no extra effort. Give it a try!

Proofreading through our website

If you don't want to install anything, no problem! Just scroll up and type any text you want directly into the text box. You can do it from your mobile, too.

Better Emails

Have a look at how you can improve your writing when you write emails online using our browser extension.

Word Add-In

If you have Microsoft Word 2016 or any later version, getting a professional, real-time grammar check is easy.

Outlook Add-In

If you use Outlook to write your emails, either through the website or the application, our Wordeep add-in will provide you with immediate corrections that will assure your email writing is as flawless as can be.

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